Archived Sermons

The Star Leads to Hope

This message is the first in our Christmas series entitled; The Star: A Journey to Christmas. This message is entitled,The Star Leads to Hope. How are we to respond to the darkness in our world, the darkness around us? The journey to Christmas includes, waiting. This season of waiting is called, Advent. The way to get the most out of this season is to commit to the journey, as you’ll discover in this message.

Unlikely Heroes : : 10/15/17

In this message we begin a series entitled, Unlikely Heroes. We hear stories of individuals that find themselves suddenly thrust into a traumatic situation and they respond in a manner that marks them as different from others, their response qualifies them as a hero. Is it because of special training, were they born with something unique about them. In this series from Hebrews 11, we see God recognizes some very common individuals as heroes. What can we learn about our faith from these heroes? What might God ask us to do for the Kingdom of Christ that we were created for, and will we fulfill it?

Lessons from these Unlikely Heroes help us to examine and increase our faith to be available.